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Submissions, Submissions.

While waiting for the paperback proofs for a 2010 book to arrive for checking, I found time to fling out a number of submissions. short stories have gone to a number of anthologies, and I hope to hear on them before Christmas. On the ‘appeared” side was a recent letter to a magazine on ‘names …

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Look What Arrived.

I’ve been a member of the (International) Cat Writers Association for many years. Some years I haven’t writen a new ‘cat’ story or book so have nothing to enter into the annual Muse Medallion Awards, but any year that I have something, it’s on the way to America when the awards open. Last year I’d …

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next anthology out now here

I trotted out to the mailbox this afternoon (carefully avoiding the gander) and found that a small solid envelope had arrived containing HALLOWEEN HELL-O-WEEN, Whortleberry Press’s new halloween anthology that contains my story, Neither Bricks Nor Stone. I was pleased to see that, Jean the editor usually has a good selection of tales and even …

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Anthology with my work arrives

I wandered up the lawn to meet the mailcar on Saturday to find a smallish box was being handed over. It turned out to be the copies of Spirit legends:Of Ghosts and Gods, a Runewright anthology in which I had a story, (Hounded.) This is the first of their anthologies to which I’ve sold work …

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Being a Local

Writers who live in big cities and are unknown to their neighbours are unfortunate. Or it may be that they like it that way. I don’t. A couple of months ago I was pounced on by our promotions committe and asked to write a poem for the new troll family carved out of wood and …

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Newspaper Articles

Some time ago a friend who had a website asked if I had any Handy Hints I could write for her to post. I did several and found it was quite fun writing them. To cut a long story short, I continued to write articles on ways to save money and offered them as well …

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Story Due Out

Another theme anthology has accepted one of my stories. Halloween Hell-o-ween from will be out very shortly and can be purchased from that site. It contains my ghost tale, Neither Brick Nor Stone.

Work in new anthology

just had a fast email from Christopher Ficco, editor of RuneWright,(Publishing) to say that his theme anthology, Spirit Legends: Of Ghosts and Gods, will be out any day now. Copies available on and I have a story in this and I’m looking forward to seeing my copies since this is the first time …

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new book out soon – AUTUMN OF THE WILD PONY

This is almost ready for publication. I’ve just been on line to Cyberwizard Publications sorting out a few final details such as the dedication and updating my bio, but the book should be available on Amazon or from the publisher soon. I had a lot of fun with this one, harking back to my own …

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