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My Musings on Old Age 42

The bible says that the years of our lives are three score and ten. I’m pleased to say that as of April 2016 I’m now ahead of the game!

Guilty until proven Innocent.

And that is what it appears to be lately. Stand up, make a claim of historic sexual harassment or assault, and destroy someone’s life on the spot. It’s possible every single claim is genuine, but somehow I don’t quite believe it, AND that ISN’T THE POINT ANYHOW! What IS the point is that the names …

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My Musings on Old Age 41.

in one way growing older is very useful. I find that as an author I have a lot more experiences – read about, heard from friends, happened to me – to draw on for my writing and books. Nice to know there are SOME compensations.

My Musings on Old Age 40

(You know, if I keep these up, eventually I’ll meet my own age…) And as I mentioned to another author friend recently, one advantage of growing old for an author is that you have more experiences and knowledge to draw on for your writing. It can be very useful.

My Musings on Old Age 38

I’m starting to realise I may not live long enough to write all the books I want to – on the other hand, the world may not actually need a thousand books by Lyn McConchie.

My Musings on Old Age 37

when I was a teenager, the people I knew who died, did so mostly from accidents or the occasional suicide. In my 30s to 50s, it wa smostly from cancer. But this past twelve months it’s been heart attacks that are starting to thin the ranks of those I know. First there was that massive …

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My Musings On Old Age 31

Recent conversation with a friend. Friend. “Are you ever going to retire?” Me, absentmindedly. “What, no, I haven’t got time.” And, come to think of it, that’s true. In fact if I want to write everything I’d like to, I won’t have time until somewhere in the next millenium. And I rather think that by …

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My Musings on Old Age 30

Many many years ago, an elderly friend said to me that she’d rather wear out than rust out. Nowadays I understand. And the best way to wear out, is doing what you love/enjoy. So I read, hugely and widely. And in 1969 another old lady told me that what she most regretted was not having …

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My Musings on Old Age 29

Recently I was reminded of how things change. A friend’s 12 year old granddaughter was moaning because her mother wouldn’t drive her to school – a whole kilometre away. I walked a mile and a half to Intermediate and High School five days a week. And I recall a friend’s father saying that he walked …

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My Musings on Old Age 28

Recently I had to see a specialist. I was somewhat taken aback to note that he reminded me of Doogie Howser M.D. – who was 16.