Look What Arrived.

I’ve been a member of the (International) Cat Writers Association for many years. Some years I haven’t writen a new ‘cat’ story or book so have nothing to enter into the annual Muse Medallion Awards, but any year that I have something, it’s on the way to America when the awards open. Last year I’d had a tale on the HazardCat website, it was one that Andre had really liked and somehow I hadn’t got around to submitting it anywhere for years. Last year I did, it was accepted, published, eligible this year – and in the mail today I found I’d received The Certificate of Excellence for it. That’s separate from the Muse. You can receive the certificate without winning the Muse, and win the Muse without receiving a certificate. Basically the Certificate says that in the Judging panel’s opinion, this story was right up to professional standards. And that’s a very pleasant thing to hear.
and for anyone interested, you can find the Cat writers site at http://www.catwriters.org/

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