Anthology with my work arrives

I wandered up the lawn to meet the mailcar on Saturday to find a smallish box was being handed over. It turned out to be the copies of Spirit legends:Of Ghosts and Gods, a Runewright anthology in which I had a story, (Hounded.) This is the first of their anthologies to which I’ve sold work and I was very happy to see that it’s of excellent quality. No typos that I noticed, good cover art, fine presentation, and – now I’ve read it – I can say I didn’t think that there was a dud story in the bunch. I liked some more than others: Salting Dogwood, Shadow of a Black Cat, The Saga of Anna Belgermaine, Shadows Lost, and Voices on the Wind, and some that I didn’t like so much. But all were well-written. A nice job, and if anyone wants to buy copies, it’s available from Runewright, Amazon USA or UK, Barnes and Noble, and other venues. It can be purchased as print or e-volume.

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