@#$%^& Weather!

Very little sleep last night. In bed at 9.30pm since I’m working on a new book and do my work early morning. Woken abruptly by a massive wind gust at 12.30am, put in ear plugs – to no avail. The wind was ramping up until by about 6am it was screaming in around 150kph. I got up about then, but wasn’t comfortable sitting down to write in case a tree landed on power lines. By now – 9.30am – it’s cut back to about 130-135kph, but I’m leaving things until this afternoon when according to the met service, winds should die away.

(On the other hand they also said winds should have died down by 2am, and they actually became worse and worse through to around 7am. Had they warned the area I think roads would have been closed, and as around 7am our siren for Fire Brigade went, I suspect there was an RTA because of the wind. I emailed Met Services around 6.30am pointing out that their “falling winds” weren’t occurring and that it was now really dangerous, but so far as I know, they did nothing to warn this area.)

All annoying to the max, as I was nicely into the swing of writing WITH SHOT AND SHELL, and wanted to power on this week. However IF the met service is right on that bit, we’ll be getting a lot more of this all week. Sigh. Guess I may be doing my writing other way around in the afternoons for that period, and as I have less energy then, I may do less writing. Weather has no right to interfere with my writing!


  1. Trust your @#$%^&* weather will be replaced by ““““““soon.

    • Jean Goldstrom on 2 April 2021 at 17:36

    Dear Lyn; The email address I have for you is apparently incorrect. I need to contact you but my msgs to you have been returned twice. Please drop me a msg a.s.a.p. and include your correct email. Thanks.
    — Jean

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