The Gaggle

At the end of last year the gaggle produced six goslings. Four have gone to a friend, but two have remained with the family. I keep meaning to do something about finding them a new home, but they seem to have fitted in, their father, aunts and mother don’t seem to mind being seven instead of five, and I don’t mind either. I’m not making any definite decision as yet, but I have a feeling I now have seven geese. And when I say everyone seems happy, I exclude the last caller who got halfway up the lawn this morning to ask me if I wanted to buy something – or so I assume. He was carrying some item which he never got a chance to reveal. The gaggle didn’t know him, didn’t want to know him, he was barred, banned, and backed up, and he should leave now. He did – which suited me since I didn’t know him either, and I’ve started the new book. So if you plan to drop in on me, remember, you need to be known, if not, call ahead.

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