Lemon tree very pretty

lemon tree very loaded as well right now. A wet winter/Spring, and a hot summer seems to have seen it producing like a fountain. not that I mind. But it is keeping me busy. Yesterday and today I have delivered – half a dozen to my friend next door. 20 to a friend down the rod, and half a shopping bag to another friend. My house manager departed bearing a number of lemons. And this afternoon I delivered half a bag to our health clinic for the waiting room lemon basket, and two large shopping bags’ full to the dairy – where they now appear in an even larger carton with a sign, $2 a bag. (the money going to our health clinic.) And if anyone wonders, this is a Meyer lemon – I wouldn’t have any other – it’s almost 30 years old, oh, and I forgot the last lemon. A small one that fell off when I removed its big brother, Thunder has that and is currently batting it about his cat park. I tell you, lemons here get around!

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    • Rodney Marsden on 1 February 2018 at 13:44

    Good to live where there is fresh produce. My niece’s cherry tomatoes have done well this year. They are expensive in the shops but so are lemons.

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