Frrrrr-Freezing, and Wet Too.

So July finished on 156mls of precipitation, yes, the whole place is soggy, that’s something over 6 inches of rain, and we’ve had so much this year it’s not all soaking right in any longer. Got firewood delivered the other afternoon, and the driver had to use FWD to depart my lawn. Sigh. And a night of -5′ with several more of -4′, have NOT made me happy, or rather my damaged leg, the rest of me would have been mostly fine if it hadn’t been for that screaming about the current chill. And August looks as if it may not be too dry either, it’s 3 days in and we’ve already had almost an inch of rain so far. (21mls.) Oh, well, we’re on the upswing towards summer – when it becomes too hot. However, roll on late spring/early summer when I’m expecting American friends, and then Autumn which is my favourite season, not too hot/cold/wet/dry, or too busy on the farm. Ah, autumn, just right.


  1. I simply don’t look at the water sitting on our lawn. If we squelch across, it’s only to look at the height of the stream in behind our stop-bank, which did 2 years ago reach the top of the bank, hurling debris against the trunks of the shrubs we planted there. That was the morning I woke my husband and said “We’re about to be flooded!” and what was his first action? — lift his DVD racks onto the dining table. My first action: phone the residents on the private road next to us, which is at a lower level, to warn them that water would flow right past us into them.
    Can you get stuck into a mystery story in a boggy setting — like, the flood conditions uncover a shallow grave — or maybe begin a housework frenzy so that when the sun comes you can sit back? I’ve been to your place once but can’t remember if it’s got a porch.
    Some of the September Manawatu Writers Festival sessions look good. There was no fantasy/SF so I suggested you, and the organizer thought maybe next year.

    • Rodney Marsden on 4 August 2017 at 15:49

    Here in Oz we have had a dry July. Getting some rain now. The Hound of the Baskervilles(Holmes) was set in a soggy area of the UK. Where Magna Carta was first signed was and is a soggy area of the UK.

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