How Dry It Is.

The last three months haven’t been very wet. And the last month we’ve been swept over and over with gales, these leech the moisture out of the ground, and I have a nasty suspicion that this month, January, the gales have balanced the rain, and in effect we didn’t get any. So, as I say, I’m not absolutely positive, but there’s a feeling at the back of my neck that says ‘drought!’. So I sold all my spare ewes and lambs yesterday. I’d rather borrow stock to eat down surplus grass, than have starving animals, I’d rather get good prices right now, than almost nothing for starving stock later on. I’m just lucky I have a very small farm, and can afford to do that. Larger farms won’t, and if I’m right and a drought does come, they’ll lose – maybe a lot. There’s times when it pays to be a smallholder.

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    • Rodney Marsden on 24 January 2017 at 19:37

    Sad you didn’t get much rain. just got back from a very hot day and it rained on me on the way home. We are expecting more hot weather followed by rain here in NSW,Oz.

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