I should say to anyone wondering where I’ve been of late, it’s been a very busy year. I wrote three and a half books, and much of my computer equipment piece by piece had terminal meltdowns. The outcome has been that I have replaced my printer, and my desktop, and am hoping to replace my laytop any day now.
On the 2016 book front, I had one book out, SHERLOCK HOLMES: POISONOUS PEOPLE, and three Sherlock novellas, they are now just out in print as well, in the form of CATALYST, (book) which includes a new short story. Wildside also has lined up to appear very shortly – my fantasy, BASTET’S DAUGHTERS, my next Holmes double, SHERLOCK HOLMES:FAMILIAR CRIMES, (both written last year) and I have turned in to them, SHERLOCK HOLMES:STRANGE EVENTS, and the first two of the next three novellas.
So far this year I have lined up on my schedule, the third novella and short story, (To complete CATACLYSM,) plus another fantasy, and the next Holmes double. So please forgive me if anyone thought I’d died. I haven’t, but between not being able to get letters printed, and running in circles writing, and cursing some technology, I wasn’t always up to date over 2016. I can’t promise. But I’ll try to do better this year.

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