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6 November 2016

When I was young calling someone ‘queer’ was insulting. Even those who were didn’t use that term normally. Now the GLBT community call themselves that – and it’s PC to do so.

2 October 2016

Sigh, I see from news on TV that we are about to be known as “The Anthropocene Age.” When I was 20 I confidently believed that we’d be remembered as builders of great works, for our beneficial philosophies and because of major medical advances. Now at 70 I’m told that archeologists in the far future or indeed alien archeologists ditto will excavate our times and remember us for the filthy line of concrete, decomposed plastic, soot, and radioactive dust that indicate where we were. Not QUITE what I was hoping for.

12 September 2016

You learn a lot of things over the years. One is that the old saying, “do unto others,” is reasonable. However if you live long enough you also learn a corollary. “Do it first, and then dodge – FAST.”

26 August 2016

I don’t mind what beliefs other people espouse. But I get so tired of being preached at with the assumption that if I listened I would live longer, better, happier, or improve my planet. That’s so true of vegans/vegetarians. I have two problems with that, one is that I would NOT live a longer, happier, better life if I joined them. I have a medical condition where I can’t digest most vegetable fibre – and I prefer not to die thank you.
And the other problem is a lot more basic. You can keep your tofu, lettuce, bean curd, and alfalfa sprouts, I am a carnivore – AND THAT’S THE WAY i LIKE IT, okay. (Which is fortunate, I can’t imagine adoring vegetables and not being able to eat most types.) And quite apart from that, I read, I’ve seen the articles and the figures, which suggest that even if we all turned vegan/vegetarian, it would make very little difference to the planet.
So you go your way, and I’ll go mine, but please, as someone or another once said, “leave to others their otherness.” I don’t demand you all become carnivores, don’t you expect me to imperil my heath, possibly my life, and certainly my general physical comfort by trying to be something I am not.

10 August 2016

My new mobility scooter cost $6660, my first motorbike cost me $750. Mind you, I’m a lot less likely to kill myself on the scooter.

26 July 2016

Epitaph on a Politician
(The more things change the more they stay the same.)

Here lies John Jones, a polititian,
convincing constituents was his mission.
Of honour he’d little, of truth he’d nil.
Now in this cemetery he lies still.

4 July 2016

I was recently reading some of (the site that debunks fake news items, urban myths, and odd rumours.) They had new item on an employee in Taco bell who frefused to accept a US $2 bill, claimning it had to be fake because they didn’t have a $2 bill. Yes, that’s a bit odd. But back in the early 1990s, I had a couple of odd events in the USA of similar type.
It also doesn’t help when you and the currency are genuinely foreign. Back in 1991 I was about to leave New Zealand for a holiday, staying initially with friends in New Jersey. As I was now a published author, my friend had alerted his local newspaper to my arrival and as my latest story had just appeared in MZB’s Fantasy Magazine, they planned to interview/photograph me. The night before the reporter rang diffidently to ask “She does speak English, doesn’t she?” A question that when relayed to me left me helpless with laughter. And yes, I do, as does pretty much everyone in New Zealand.
     Matters going on from there when I purchased a number of books from my host and paid in $50 NZ bills in a letter sent after my return. He took them to the bank which refused them on the spot as ‘trying to deposit monopoly money,” and “was he aware that passing fake cash is a crime.” It took him some time to convince the bank manager that New Zealand cash is both valid and worth real money with a regularly listed bank exchange rate. That story too when relayed to me left me giggling.

17 June 2016

so why, you may ask. Well, myself I prefer a hotel to be competent, and that includes getting right who your guests are. A friend of mine has been harrassed by this bunch for a month, he’s had seven emails in four weeks demanding that: he provide them with feedback on his stay with the BEST WESTERN Seven Seas, San Diego, CALIFORNIA. They also want him to buy hotel gift cards, explain how delighted they are that he’s arriving, and then that he stayed, send him an e-statement, information on other Best Western hotels, and demand again that he provide feedback. He’s had enough and emailed their tech support asking what’s going on. Because the first name they keep quoting isn’t his, he and Glen (his wife) have never been in San Diego, he’s certainly never stayed at the Best Western there, and right now if he never does so, it’ll be too soon. What he’d like to know, is where and how they got hold of his email address, why they can’t tell one customer from another (when they have a different name) and why, even if he HAD been a customer, they’d find it necessary to harrass him with so many emails in a mere four weeks? Oh, and in case this bunch thinks they should pick up my email and start making offers, forget it, I too am NOT INTERESTED!

2 June 2016

They say that nothing foolproof is so against a sufficiently talented fool. Looking at the increasingly stupid decisions on Political Correctness, I can only wonder if there’s a limit on that either – and I have a feeling there may not be.

11 May 2016

Nothing is more certain to come around in life than death and taxes. Fortunately only one does it annually.

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