Best Western? Hell no!

so why, you may ask. Well, myself I prefer a hotel to be competent, and that includes getting right who your guests are. A friend of mine has been harrassed by this bunch for a month, he’s had seven emails in four weeks demanding that: he provide them with feedback on his stay with the BEST WESTERN Seven Seas, San Diego, CALIFORNIA. They also want him to buy hotel gift cards, explain how delighted they are that he’s arriving, and then that he stayed, send him an e-statement, information on other Best Western hotels, and demand again that he provide feedback. He’s had enough and emailed their tech support asking what’s going on. Because the first name they keep quoting isn’t his, he and Glen (his wife) have never been in San Diego, he’s certainly never stayed at the Best Western there, and right now if he never does so, it’ll be too soon. What he’d like to know, is where and how they got hold of his email address, why they can’t tell one customer from another (when they have a different name) and why, even if he HAD been a customer, they’d find it necessary to harrass him with so many emails in a mere four weeks? Oh, and in case this bunch thinks they should pick up my email and start making offers, forget it, I too am NOT INTERESTED!

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    • Glenn Hibburt on 22 June 2016 at 11:46

    Well first he ought to label it spam. This should help. And secondly perhaps he could barrage their tech support personal with emails. But then who would be bother spending the time doing that and I’m sure it wouldn’t really help, not if they have an ’email received’ service that generate notifications automatically, for that will just further serve to clog up his email space.

    What a terrible nuisance … Americans … they are so very LOUD!

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