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My Musings on Old Age 27

When I was young calling someone ‘queer’ was insulting. Even those who were didn’t use that term normally. Now the GLBT community call themselves that – and it’s PC to do so.

My Musings On Old Age 26

Sigh, I see from news on TV that we are about to be known as “The Anthropocene Age.” When I was 20 I confidently believed that we’d be remembered as builders of great works, for our beneficial philosophies and because of major medical advances. Now at 70 I’m told that archeologists in the far future …

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My Musings on Old Age 25

You learn a lot of things over the years. One is that the old saying, “do unto others,” is reasonable. However if you live long enough you also learn a corollary. “Do it first, and then dodge – FAST.”

My Musings on Old Age 24

I don’t mind what beliefs other people espouse. But I get so tired of being preached at with the assumption that if I listened I would live longer, better, happier, or improve my planet. That’s so true of vegans/vegetarians. I have two problems with that, one is that I would NOT live a longer, happier, …

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My Musings on Old Age 23

My new mobility scooter cost $6660, my first motorbike cost me $750. Mind you, I’m a lot less likely to kill myself on the scooter.

My Musings on Old Age 22.

Epitaph on a Politician (The more things change the more they stay the same.) Here lies John Jones, a polititian, convincing constituents was his mission. Of honour he’d little, of truth he’d nil. Now in this cemetery he lies still.

My Musings On Old Age 21- and how times are changing too.

I was recently reading some of (the site that debunks fake news items, urban myths, and odd rumours.) They had new item on an employee in Taco bell who frefused to accept a US $2 bill, claimning it had to be fake because they didn’t have a $2 bill. Yes, that’s a bit odd. …

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Best Western? Hell no!

so why, you may ask. Well, myself I prefer a hotel to be competent, and that includes getting right who your guests are. A friend of mine has been harrassed by this bunch for a month, he’s had seven emails in four weeks demanding that: he provide them with feedback on his stay with the …

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My Musings On Old Age 20

They say that nothing foolproof is so against a sufficiently talented fool. Looking at the increasingly stupid decisions on Political Correctness, I can only wonder if there’s a limit on that either – and I have a feeling there may not be.

My Musings on Old Age 19

Nothing is more certain to come around in life than death and taxes. Fortunately only one does it annually.