Still Wet Around here

and it is. The impression given last month was that it wasn’t that damp – until I checked my records and discovered that April’s total had been 90mls, or some three and  a half inches of precipitation. We’re just past halfway through May, and I checked records again today to find that we’ve had 38mls this far. That may mean a drier month, then again, as it’s into winter, we could get several solidly wet days and top that 90mls. The happiest ones on the place about the unusual levels of rain we’ve had for months now, are the gaggle. Last time we had longer heavier rain I happened to look out and see them squabbling. When it’s very wet the water tank overflows, and fills a smallish dip beside it. It’s a two-goose dip, but with all five of the gaggle trying to get in at once it resembles one of those “how many people can you cram into a mini”‘ competitions.


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