And They Arrived

Two sheep, Jethro and Elly Mae, spotted, one girl, one boy, delivered and not sure they wanted to be here, but they are. Yes. the expected duo turned up last weekend and have settled in quite well. Originally they were in with the other sheep but my friend’s ram (Basil) took exception to Jethro, and rather than have strife – because Basil won’t be here forever – I moved the incomers to a different paddock, where they currently wander in sheep-knee-high grass. Once Basil goes they can join the main flock. They’re a very friendly pair who like the hen house(in that paddock) in which to siesta now and again – something that doesn’t appear to worry the hens, fortunately. So flock numbers have gone up by two, which may also mean that in spring the numbers will take a real upward leap in the natural course of events as well. Nothing like a paddock full of spotted lambs bouncing in the sunshine…

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