Printer Down

I’ve been rushing to print and send out my Christmas cards and latest letters to overseas friends this past couple of weeks. Got all of the letters to UK/USA written, started printing, last two letters to go – and the printer stopped. Won’t repeat what I said! I called in the technician, who considered the printer and said that in his opinion it was kaput. I should buy a new one. But, I wailed, this printer was purchased new, had used only the half-size toner cartridge that it came with, and was on the first full one, was supposed to last through that and a second, and… tough. When they quit they quit, and he didn’t – ah – recommend ‘Brother’ printers. So if I manage to find time while I’m in the city tomorrow, I’ll buy his recommendation, a new Canon laser printer. But I’m not at all pleased that my printer died after so little use. And no, because I don’t use it in bulk, just in a steady trickle, it’s out of warranty. But I still feel hard done by.

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