Why do people keep telling me how convenient computers are?

I mean, in many ways they are, but they also seem to know more ways to drive you crazy than anything else. This afternoon I wanted to send an email to a friend. I hurled it into the aether, and it came back like a boomerang on speed. According to her ISP my ISP is all kinds of undesirable. Something that, as irritating as they can also be at times, I don’t believe. I tried again – then again – and it was bounced each time. Eventually I got on to her website and left a message – about that and the original query too. But despite her ISP’s claims, I doubt that mine indulges in spam, abuse, mopery and dopery in the spaceways or spitting on sidewalks. It’ll just be one of those weird electronic things that – every so often – leave me wishing that the days of my nice simple word processor would return.

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