Lawn Dangers

Yes, by now three of my four geese are nesting, and crossing the lawn brings danger if the gander doesn’t know you. IF everything hatches – very doubtful – I could have 15 goslings in another few weeks and, probably, a gander who’s run himself into exhaustion and complete paranoia. Someone arrived at the gate yesterday, no idea who, but they got out of their car, opened the gate – and Stroppy arrived breathing fire and slaughter. Whoever it was leapt back, slammed the gate, looked at Stroppy, who looked right back anbd explained on a sustained and virulent hisssss just what he’d do if they tried that again, and the person re-entered their car and drove away. For which I can’t blame them, I am merely curious as to who they were and what they wanted. Guess I’ll never know now. They could have left a note in the mailbox however if it was important, or waited another couple of minutes and I’d have been there to ask. However the up-side of that is a remarkable absence of burglars. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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    • Rod Marsden on 4 October 2016 at 17:50

    You have had Stroppy for a few years now unless this is Stroppy mark 2.

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