Winter Woollies

That is, temperatures for the start of July hit minus two here on the weekend. But considering we’re a month into winter that isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that it’s taken so long to drop that low and again, that after a day or so there, they went back up. Yes, we’re still getting warmer than usual temperatures, and while April was dryish, (and so was June,) with a fraction under seven inches for May, and – if we do get decent precipitation for July – we should still end up with better winter grass growth than any year before that I can recall. And as someone or another was saying on TV the other night, they consider global warming to be established fact. I always believed it, I just wish it wasn’t currently being proved – although my damaged leg approves the warmer weather, as does Thunder, my Ocicat, who at almost 13 now, feels the winter chill and doesn’t like it

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    • Rod Marsden on 4 July 2016 at 13:58

    As does your friend in Australia. Here I am freezing my tail off. And my pet bird is not impressed by the cold either.

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