The rain

As the poet said,
the rain it raineth every day,
upon the just and unjust fella.
But more so on the just because
– the unjust hath the just’s umbrella.
(and no, I don’t know who wrote that, it has many attributions including Shakespeare.)
But what made me think of it is that it rained here all last night. More than an inch of rain, leading to a disgusted cat, my discovery that I have a leak in the woodshed roof, and happy geese. It was just sufficient for them to enjoy it and not enough to swamp nests. Nests? Yes, two of the three girl geese are broody. If the eggs are fertile there could be goslings within a week. Not that I’m counting goslings before they’re hatched. The gander hasn’t ever been that productive as a gosling-producer, but he’s hell on wheels as a ‘watchdog,’ and given those options I prefer the latter.

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