A quick trip down to our village yesterday to pick up a few things and drop off lemons. I have a Meyer lemon tree, there’s only a short period around early spring where that fruits really prolifically, but for most of the year it fruits steadily. Far more than I could ever use unless I went mad making lemon honey, lemonade, and lemon-juice ice-blocks. So mine go to good causes. Just about all year – for about the past 12 years – I’ve kept a small basket filled with lemons in the waiting room of our local health clinic. Those attending with colds, sore throats or flu, anything where a nice hot drink of lemon and honey would make you feel better, are welcome to take a few of the lemons. And around September where the tree has the major burst of fruiting, I pick anywhere from 200 to 300 lemons over 3-4 weeks and they’re put out in a crate in front of our local dairy, which sells them for some good cause. They usually make about $60+ – painlessly for all concerned. That to me is far better than having a circle of rotting fruit under my tree. The only thing that puzzles me is why some people do seem to prefer that to sharing the unwanted fruit.

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