My Musings on Old Age 16

I’m definitely old – not so my imagination which goes out more often and to far stranger places than I do. However as I mention to editors now and again, I decline to be blamed for some of the themes it creates. It lives its life, I live mine, and sometimes all I do is take dictation.


  1. On imagination – I am sure you’ve had a similar experience. The characters you write often end up taking your pen and writing their own story and journey. What am I then? An author or just intimate observer chronicling their biography. I marvel at the locations they take me to. I swear I didn’t know THAT was in the wood behind their house! They open up to me. They show their deepest joys and their deepest fears. Stuff I hadn’t had a clue about until the moment my ink touched paper. Such things do they share, are so private that I caution them about revealing too much. “Let’s not write about that. At least no until the right time, and with the right person.” I used to think, on writing, that I live my live and also the lives of my characters. That is an illusion I have joyously shattered. Now my stories are driven by the imagination of my characters, and theirs is so much better than mine.

    • lyn on 24 March 2016 at 11:52

    sigh, yup, my imagination leads its own life entirely. And some of what it coems up with is W..E..I..R..D. On the other hand, at least I never run out of things to write. And I never worry about whether I’m writing the characters, or they’re writing me. Just so long as one of us is writing.

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