My Musings On Old Age 9

the world is getting sillier by the minute, and an American friend recently said to me that she thinks her country is sillier than most. I might have disagreed – until I came across this one recently read on Snopes – a 6 year old boy was suspended from his school for three days for playing at recess and (oh horror) shooting friends with an IMAGINERY bow and arrow. So far as I can tell, this report is substantiated. Dear God! that takes the biscuit. What part of this didn’t the headmaster understand – it isn’t a real weapon, it’s imaginery. What next. The kid pretends to shoot someone with a bow and arrow, they pretend to die – and the police arrest him for murder?
I’m just thankful that when, at a similar age, I played with a real homemade bow and arrows (we had bamboo out the back) no one decided I was a homicidal maniac in the making. To this idiot headmaster I would point out that it’s part of childhood to play with toy weapons, it doesn’t mean you grow up vicious. Anymore than sitting quietly and reading about space means that…yes, well. Sigh. Maybe if it did I’d be piloting a spaceship by now. Then again, it may have had something to do with my application a couple of years back to go to Mars.


  1. Crazy! I thought that the punishment was suppose to fit the crime. The police should have pretend arrested him for pretend murder and put him in a pretend prison.

    • lyn on 25 March 2016 at 11:48

    The world is getting sillier and sillier, particularly in some areas of America. Although political correctness is getting pretty darn silly here too. Just not to that level – not quite – not yet!

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