The Night Searchers by Marcia Muller

hardcover, published July ’14, Grand Central Publishing (Hatchette).(It may also be an interesting sign of the times that this publisher is now adding a line in the information at the front – “The publisher is not responsible for websites or their content that are not owned by the publisher.) I’m left wondering what event made that necessary.

As always, a great read. A friend sent this as part of my Christmas present and I saved it for Christmas Day. It may be a little shorter than usual, my estimate was around 80,000 words, but it packs the same old McCone punch. Sharon is approached by clients sent by a friend of Sharon’s, Jay and Camilla Givens report stange sights that Camilla has been seeing, and want Sharon to investigate. She doesn’t much like Jay, but Camilla is genuinely distressed and Sharon agrees to take the case. She then finds that Jay is involved in a shady urban treasure-hunting group, who may be doing a lot more than play games. Gradually as she is drawn into the action she becomes aware that this may also impinge on a ransom case that her husband is negotiating, and the next thing that she knows accusations to Homeland Security and the FBI are being made against her. Sharon goes to ground while she and her staff work to uncover the truth, which when it is exposed, is – in a way – one of the standards of PI cases. But there are some very nice twists, interesting characters, and a good solid resolution. Another book for the ‘keeper’ shelves, and as always, recommended.

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