“Gale Girls’ Trilogy by Tanya Huff

This isn’t so much my normal review as a note to readers. Back in 2009 I purchased the first in this trio, THE ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM, read and liked it a lot, so when THE WILD WAYS appeared in 2011 I bought that too. Then last month (Nov.’14) the third, THE FUTURE FALLS, appeared – I grabbed. The theme is old, ‘there are those who are different living amongst us,’ but Huff gives it her unique spin and that touch of humour that I love in her work, and so far as I’m concerned the books are keepers. (As have been pretty much all of her books. I’ve been buying them since they started appearing and have all but a couple of the ‘Quarters’ volumes.) So if you’re looking for something interesting in the way of urban fantasy to read, you could do a LOT worse than these books. I recommend them – and pretty much anything else she writes. Particularly the ‘Summoning’ trio, and the ‘Valour’ books are excellent military SF as well. Go buy!

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