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I had planned to be on line earlier today but there were a couple of problems. The chimney-sweep was arriving to clean my chimney which had abruptly clogged, and then, just as he was leaving, I glanced right to discover that half a dozen of my hens were strolling up the centre line of our country road, chatting away to each other and oblivious of any traffic that might appear. Great! I left the gate open, fled back to get my electric scooter and started a chicken roundup. I can only report that they were resistant to the idea, that hens can run faster than the scooter’s top speed of 7 Kph, and that trying to steer 6 of them in the same direction isn’t easy. They are all home again, but I now don’t have time today to check the proofs for my newest book (due out shortly.) Roll on the day after tomorrow when I should have time to do that…

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    • Glenn Hibburt on 29 March 2016 at 10:53

    Here a link to a little drawing on this scene =) I drew it when I really should have been sleeping.


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