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23 March 2018

just had an email from Wildside to say that SHERLOCK HOLMES:STRANGE EVENTS has made it to the public arena. Nice timing, as it was a return email, I’d just sent them the next completed Holmes double. Strange Events is a double comprising THE MYSTERY OF THE MISPLACED MOTHER, and THE CASE OF THE VANISHING OMNIBUS. And I look forward to my author copies.


  1. I just bought Strange Events for my Kindle. In fact, I’ve only just started The Mystery of the Misplaced Mother.

    I’ve read quite a bit of your SF and fantasy and recognized the name on a Sherlock Holmes pastiche a few years back. I have bought every single one I have seen in the time since – I *really* like your Holmes work. More, more, I want more!

    Comment by Judy Schultheis — 9 April 2018 @ 16:46

  2. delighted to hear that, and, in case you thought that might be it, THERE is MORE – the novellas with Mandalay the Burmese cat continue, plus I’ve just signed contracts and completed revision for another double, SHERLOCK HOLMES:FOUND DEAD, and also sent to Wildside for consideration, SHERLOCK HOLMES: DEADLY DISTRICTS (also a double) and, once I’ve finished current revision for Altair’s Press’ COALS & ASH (an SF/Disaster of mine that should be out later this year) I begin the next Mandalay/Holmes, CATAFALQUE.

    Comment by lyn — 9 April 2018 @ 18:45

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