My Musings on Old Age 5

Currently in NZ the percentage of those of us over 65 is steadily increasing. I suspect at the same time, however, that the percentage of the population with common sense is rather more rapidly decreasing. Recent events confirm that for me anyway – as an MP, and an entire Government Department in my beloved country appear unaware that a small group of islands have been part of our country for around 60 years and refuse to allow the legitimate travel discount to go there to a war veteran. Then there’s two radio hosts who think it perfectly acceptable to verbally abuse a lady that rang in to complain – of them verbally abusing an earlier ringer-in – and the hosts now appear to be astounded that they’re ‘unfairly’ suspended. And then there are house prices in Auckland. I live in the Tararua, here and in Hawkes Bay to our north, house prices are affordable, and yes, there’s work. But does it occur to any of these lemmings to move to where they could afford a house, and still be employed, and hence have more money and a better lifestyle? Nope. Not that we’re the only country with this problem. What with America having hysterics about a schoolboy’s clock, and Australia changing PM’s every year, whoever said that “ommonsense – isn’t” had it all too right.

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