PC stuff is getting more and more ridiculous. I was talking with a friend about racial profiling recently and pointed out that if you take it all the way you get a woman reporting to the police that she was beaten and burgled by a man who broke into her apartment. She describes him as of a particular race, mid-twenties, had a limp, and wore gray overalls smelling of petrol. The police then note that:

they can’t look for a man, (sexist,)

they can’t look for a lame guy, (ableist)

they can’t look for a man of a particular race, (racist,)

they can’t look for a guy in his 20s, (age-discrimination,)

and they can’t look for a guy working in a garage, (because by now this may be class-discrimination.)

So they arrest the woman for making a discriminatory report. Stop laughing. If you take this PC nonsense to the logical end, that is about what you’ll end up with and as I’ve been noticing of late, we aren’t far off this damfool outcome already.



  1. Yeah. I saw this happening years ago. In a similar vain I read an excellent book called – “Be Intolerant: Because Somethings are Just Stupid.”

    • lyn on 25 March 2016 at 12:03

    I know. And anoher thing that has been annoying me of late is the rush to judgement. If the person’s name is in the newspaper, they must be guilty. If they’ve been accused of the crime, they must have done it. That seems to particularly apply to film and TV stars and sportspeople. So there’s a trial and they’re found innocent – but all too often they’ve been ruined financially and personally in the process. THIS is justice?

    • Glenn Hibburt on 28 March 2016 at 21:25

    Yes it’s a terrible thing. If a man is accused of being a pedophile, yet he has been acquitted of the crime, that doesn’t matter. He will always be looked upon with suspicion. It nearly happened to me. What a story that one is. Want to hear it?

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