I is/Has Gravity

At the con I watched a short u-tube clip, (I can’t see them on my dailup at home) It featured cats and was, if I recall correctly, entitled ‘I is has gravity.’ Actually it should have been titled I is hasn’t gravity, because it showed astronauts (or two men dressed like that) in weightlessness with two cats, and to say the cats weren’t very happy to find themselves weightless is putting it mildly. I gained the impression that as soon as they could affix themselves to the guys they were going to make the most of it with mucho claw action all the way up from ankles to head. I’m uncertain if this event had a scientific purpose, but what it did indicate is that while cats may adapt to non-gravity, they don’t do so immediately, nor will they be happy campers while they work on the adaption. It is/has occurred to me that anyone planning a trip to Mars in the near future and whose spaceship may not be under full gravity or which may experience weightlessness over some periods of time should be warned. Don’t take the cat!


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  1. Oh yes that was ‘I can has gravity’ – and the title still makes no sense. I’d still rather like to take a cat. Not so the cat litter. That title really makes no sense, but then perhaps that’s the cleverness of it – it carries no weight.

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