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Sherlock Holmes and Me.

As always, I never quite know how I get into things. But sooner or later I wake up and find I’m kneedeep in something I hadn’t planned, it just happened. That’s how I’m writing Sherlock Holmes books. Quite some time ago a couple of eminent Sherlockians that were friends of a friend mentioned an idea. …

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A Foursome Accepted.

yup, a new magazine started a while back. I offered them a couple of items and was then so busy with two books I didn’t realize there’d been no reply for months. Finally got to checking my mailing list and discovered this. A small polite query later (there’d been a death in the family) and …

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New Story Sold

And I’ve recently signed contracts for THE UNICORN AND THE SORCERESS, sold to CARPE NOCTEM anthology (to appear from Charon Coin Press.)

Third Sherlock Book Accepted

I’m currently bouncing happily about my farmlet. Yes, Wildside emailed to say that they liked my latest submission and SHERLOCK HOLMES; POISONOUS PEOPLE is herewith given a home. It’s another of the two books per single volume, with the separate titles being The Dreadful Diary, and A Poisoning at the Publisher. I note in regard …

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A Few More Articles

Yes, our newspaper, The Dannevirke News, continues to find my articles useful – and, judging from comments by local people, so do they, so I happily continue to write. latest have been – DON’T DITCH THE OLD OR BROKEN MUG appeared Dvke News Saturday June 27th 2015. FORKING (or Spooning) OUT FOR GIFTS appeared Dvke …

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Sherlock Anthology Update.

MX Press in London updated me. Their massive, hardcover, two-volume anthology, New Stories of Sherlock Holmes – in which I have a story (A MISTRESS MISSING) is now scheduled for September publication. On which the publisher writes – We managed to secure an exclusive from the Radio Times (one of the UK’s leading entertainment magazines). …

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Out and About

Out now is Polly and Johnny, a steampunk story, and no, I don’t write many, but now and again if invited I do, and The Story Emporium asked, and as I esteem them highly, I was delighted to do so, and still happier that Julie liked it. The Story Emporium is currently available up on …

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Out in All Directions.

Apart from two books out recently, one in April, the other the other week, the last few weeks have also seen a spate of my short stories published. SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE appeared in BREATH AND SHADOW e-zine, UNDIPLOMATIC, APPEARANCES, DIPLOMATIC FRIENDS, appeared in STRANGE MYSTERIES 6, under three tales of the Boomgah (Whortleberry Press), …

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Lyn McConchie – New book!

Yes, Lethe Press originally announced that my SF/Disaster novel, VESTIGES OF FLAMES would be out in July. However they liked it and it’s gone ahead faster than expected so it’s available now, yes, RIGHT NOW. So go buy it pleeeease. It’s cheapest and easiest to order at the source. Yes, there are cats (dogs too); …

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Story Sold and Eligible.

Yes, ERNEST sold to the ROAR6 anthology out of Oz, and I find that this story will therefore be eligible for the Ursa Major award as well. That’s very pleasant, NO guarantees of course, but I now have a book eligible for an award this August, two stories eligible for two different awards next year, …

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