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Yup, it’s now winter officially.

Two nights with light snowfall last week, and just under seven inches of rain over May. hens have mostly gone off the lay, sheep are muttering in the lee of the house, cat is very firmly by the fire. Winter!

Winter Warmer

or so all the forecasts say, and I think they may be right. I’m merely grateful if that’s so, less firewood used, less expense as a result, and my wrecked leg may have less to say. The prolonged autumn has also left me with happier hens, they’ve only recently stopped laying and started to shed …

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This month is Definitely Dry

well, so far anyhow. 47mms and only five days to go. Mind you it isn’t too cold either, so the grass has stayed growing, but to remind me that it’ll be winter soon, the hens have mostly gone off the lay. That also reminds me I should start in buying firewood, sigh. It feels as …

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I’m Officially Elderly.

Yup, today is my birthday and I’m 70. I guess I can’t say I’m middle-aged any longer. Three score and ten is beyond that. Not even ‘late middle-aged’ cuts it any more. If I’d lived in ancient Rome I’d now be very very old – average age then was 40ish. Okay, but, as has been …

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No El Nino

Nope, that’s another month in which while it’s been hot here, it hasn’t been that dry. As of this morning we’ve had 101mms at Farside for March, so despite the forecaster cries that this summer would dry up the land, kill the livestock, and bankrupt farmers, guess what? Here anyway, none of that’s applied. (And …

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Sharapova – cheat or not?

The news burst like a bomb. Maria Sharapova was a drugs cheat who was standing there and admitting it…but was she a drugs cheat? In my opinion, no, she wasn’t. What she may have been was a victim – of bureauocracy and an oversight by her own people. What are the facts? Well, first that …

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Too Many Idiots.

I found a recent item in our newspaper very interesting, if somewhat annoying. Yet another city boy saying something that indicates he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. In this case a champion boxer named Manny Pacquiao. He’s just been dropped from NIKE for offending the GLBT community. He said, and I quote from …

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And OverHot too

The weather here began overheating at the start of the year. Usually we don’t get it so hot until February, but most of January was 30 degrees plus and I loathe it. Of course, it’s my own fault, I should buy an air conditioner. Instead I swelter. Why? Well, I look at the cost of …

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The hens seem to have gone into overdrive since the start of the year. Last evening I went out to collect eggs and came back with 16, that’s for the past two days. I eat maybe 2-6 a week, and I’m getting around 4 dozen, so, yes. I’ve been gifting friends with eggs. They’re happy …

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A New Year Cometh – 2016 and all that.

Christmas was pleasant, New year was fun, and I arrived in 2016 with a hiss and a roar. There was the shearing to do, all my Christmas cards and letters to get posted, followed by hay-making, weaning lambs, and talking on the phone or on the sofa to a number of friends and visitors. Thunder …

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