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My Musings On Old Age 8

I admit it, I’m a cat lover. I have had dogs now and again, but if I had to chose, it’d be cats. On the other hand while explaining about cats to a friend recently, I coined this one – It took humans a thousand years to tame dogs. It took cats a LOT less …

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My Musings on Old Age 7

We were the lucky generation. I grew up in the 50s and early 60s and when I started work in 1961 at fifteen there were a host of employment possibilities. Several years later I had a two year period when I lived in Wellington, our capital. I would take a job for just as long …

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My Musings on Old Age 6

Looking at today’s ‘OSH’ and ‘vaccinate for everything’ society, I can only marvel I lived through childhood. I caught whooping cough, measles (both types) mumps, and chickenpox between 4 and 8 and survived them all. At seven I and 2-3 friends regularly vanished into a huge local park for the whole of any Saturday that …

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My Musings on Old Age 5

Currently in NZ the percentage of those of us over 65 is steadily increasing. I suspect at the same time, however, that the percentage of the population with common sense is rather more rapidly decreasing. Recent events confirm that for me anyway – as an MP, and an entire Government Department in my beloved country …

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My Musings On Old Age 4

last week I was chatting to a much younger friend, who, as I do, likes westerns. I mentioned that Audie Murphy has done some excellent ones and received a very blank look. “Who was he?” He died in 1971, never mind. Still not quite with the programme, I suggested John Wayne. Well. she’d heard of …

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My Musings on Old Age 3

I have very few regrets. There’s been a few people I wish had died before I met them, And I know that when I die, my biggest regret is going to be that I didn’t have time to write everything I wanted. But then, if I do live long enough for that, I suspect I’d …

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My Own Musings on Age2

When you’re old people make assumptions – as per my last operation after my pre-med – note to nurse, No, my teeth don’t come out. (when I said they were my own, I didn’t mean I’d paid for them, I meant they are an integral part of me – get your fingers away from my …

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My Own Musings on Age

When I was younger I was often told that people should age gracefully… I didn’t see why then, and I still don’t. Growing old disgracefully is much more fun. One possible consolation about dying will be that after all the many and dire predictions about the death of civilization through holocaust, pandemic, meteor strike, or …

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A Pubic Character by Steve Johnson.

I do wish that some publishers would do a better job on copyediting. I’m happy to say that those who publish my friend Lyn’s books do, but here and there over the years I’ve spotted some very mixed outcomes in books by favourite authors. I always enjoyed Corgi’s J.T.Edson westerns, but wondered over the years …

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Best Quote

I ran across this quote the other day and it amused the heck out of me. SO true! “There are worse crimes than burning books. One is not reading them!”