Maybe it’s the Season for it

Or it’s SOMETHING anyway. Yesterday the country was advised that a second weather bomb was approaching. batten down the hatches, move the livestock, tie down the hens, and prepare to be blown or washed away. Now I’m a realist. I’d rather look a fool preparing, than be a fool by not preparing. So yesterday my house manager hauled in stacks of firewood, I checked that the sheep, calves, and poultry would all have some shelter, and that the gutters were cleared.
Lunchtime yesterday it began to drizzle. That kept on… and on… and… until by mid-afternoon today we’d had about two inches of rain – while the drizzle continues still. However, as per the last time this isn’t a startling amount of precipitation, nothing at all that the area can’t handle, and so far the promised screaming gales have not only not eventuated, we’ve had no high winds at all – although judging by the TV, (also yet again) while we’ve been fine, a lot of other portions of the country have been taking a solid hammering.
All of which seems to reinforce something I said to a friend after the last ‘weather bomb’ hit everyone but us. We normally get such awful gales, that when the whole country is due for the same, sometimes it appears that we don’t get them, simply to compensate. (Not that it does really, but it’s something.) It’s unusual to have two weather systems like this hit the country weeks apart. Makes me wonder if they too may come in threes if and there’s one more still to arrive in April…

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