Water Woes

Yes, it’s the geese again. Last week I walked past their water trough and noticed to my surprise that it was only half full. That was peculiar, it’s been doing little but rain several days each week for months, and the down-pipe from the woodshed roof feeds directly into their trough. I investigated, to find that the ballcock connector was missing. That was… ah, yes, well, I could guess what had happened and drat that gander! Last time I cleaned out the trough I returned it to its position reversed so that the connector was at the front. I knew what had gone on after that. Stroppy the gander is a fiddler, if there is anything at all to fiddle about with he does that, and as his beak is powerful, and he’s relentless, at some stage he has managed to detach the darned connector and, of course, that left a hole through which the trough had half-emptied from then on. Next time I go into town I’ll either have to buy a new connector or before that I’ll have to think up a way to fill in the hole, (and then reverse the trough again so that the connector is at the back where he can’t find it.) Until I acquired geese about 23 years ago I had no idea just how many things they could do with their beaks, but I’ve been learning ever since…

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