Baby Creatures

The single gosling the gaggle have managed to produce this year continues healthy. Visitors aren’t doing quite so well, my gander doesn’t like them at the best of times, and when he has a gosling it becomes the worst of times. A friend had to skip quite fast three days ago, and I’m expecting several visitors in the next 2-3 days – something that should provide exercise for all concerned.
Gold Neck the bantam appeared for breakfast this morning with three tiny chicks in tow, and another hen has one. She had two, one has since disappeared,) and as my hens and geese are all free-range, it’s possible other small feathery creatures will appear in the next few weeks
This is certainly the theme about fifty feet up in the shelterbelt trees where the white-backed magpies are nesting enthusiastically, and down in all the crevices of suitable (and sometimes quite UNsuiitable) out-buildings starlings are energetically raising broods. In the cat-park bamboo-clump the finches and sparrows are at it, and Thunder is spending a lot of time in his park – keeping an eye on the raspberries, and on the starlings that like them as much as I do. However, thanks to Thunder I get the larger share usually.

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