Bull in a – paddock

My neighbour has done me the favour of grazing about twenty of his cows/calves/bulls in my (largest and) overgrown paddock, with them arriving last night. I don’t have quite enough livestock to keep down the massive spring growth, don’t want to buy more for just that, and having all those tons of beef wandering by his cat park is certainly amusing Thunder who’s out there pop-eyed with interest. Me too. I went out this morning to check the water level in their trough, discovered it needed filling, and started the hose, only to find an inquisitive bovine leaning over my shoulder. I gave him a pat and a shove. “Go lean elsewhere, you hefalump.” He did, and as he wandered away, I realized I’d just been very casual with a large bull. As they say, God looks after fools, drunks, and little children – and writers it appears.

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