SCIENCE FICTION TRAILS 13 – Editor David B. Riley

yup, the mixture as before, and as good as ever. Karl the dinosaur sheriff is back with his column, (discussing the origin of cooking in his time) and the cover is – by the ever reliable Laura Givens – striking and original. Layout and presentation are excellent, and the stories carefully chosen. My particular favourites were
Six Guns of the Sierra Nevada (Cynthia Ward. A very neat tale of the biter – well bitten. A long Way from Name Pending, (Henry Ram. In which is confirmed that too many people wanting the same thing tend to destroy the prize. A Better Place to Die (Sam Knight,) A story which reads somthing like the tale of John Henry, only with a much better ending, and Moon of the Iron Eagle, (Sam S. Kepfield.) Another biter well bitten, and something that amused me solidly both in the reading and at the ending. Nothing wrong with the others, I just felt a stronger connection to these tales. David has a knack of picking good stories, and I have never failed to enjoy any magazine or anthology he’s put together.

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