And for those that Heard

I was asked the other day about my time in hospital, and for those that heard something, yes, I spent 10 days – the latter half of November – in hospital. I finished my latest Holmes, shot that off to my editor, and realised I didn’t feel great. I had the acknowledgement of receipt next day, and heaved a sigh, right. THAT was done. Now I could afford to notice that I was unwell. I took my concerns to the doctor who agreed. I was very snartly removed to the hospital 75 minutes away by ambulance, where I had a kidney stone lasered to powder, and spent 9 more days recuperating.
Since then I have dropped back twice to add books to their (originally very meagre) ward library. I feel better, (and annoyed, as being in there with something else set back my dental surgery which was supposed to take place right in the middle of all that. Sigh. I’ve been ‘re-scheduled.) And while I felt fine on my return I found that I also had less energy than usual, so decided not to start the new book until New Year. It isn’t as if I have nothing to do, I have two anthology invitations, an article and two book reviews to write, Texas friends coming to stay over Christmas (Wheeee) and umpteen cards and presents to get done and posted. So all is well, my schedule remains full, and Thunder is very very happy to have me home! (So are the hens who are just starting to lay again, having all gone on strike in protest at my absense/the appearance of two other people they didn’t know, whose presence feeding them and egg collecting left my free-range flock quite miffed and blaming me.)

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