From the Watchtower

That gander has escalated his determination to make certain no one sets foot on the lawn that he doesn’t know about. I took mail out yesterday and glanced around. No sign of that big white feathered form anywhere. That was odd. I stopped and took a very careful look about – being cautious is better than being bitten unexpectedly in the pants from ambush. Then I spied him. Several years ago when I had an extra area added to the house, the people who did that had earth left over after digging the foundations. I had them heap it under the trees by the side boundary fence and they put it all in one heap like a small hill. Stroppy the gander was now perched on top of that, and it needed only a cavalry hat and a rifle to make him look like an Indian Scout. I hadn’t seen him at first because the dead tree behind him is also whitish and he was nicely camouflaged. Since then any time I’ve been outside there he is. But it goes to show he isn’t quite as dim as I’d thought. From that vantage point he can see all three of his nesting wives without having to run about checking on them, and he has a clear view of the front gate as well. Visitors beware.

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