My Musings on Old Age 36

Back about forty years ago friends and I really enjoyed a TV series called FAME. It was great, good dialogue, characters, and plot and the singing and dancing was superb. I wished for years that it would come back. And then I accidently caught a TV programme, “Victorious,” this morning. It seems to be an updated version of Fame. Arrrggghhh. That has to be one of the most pathetic shows I’ve seen in a long time. Fame felt real, the characters felt real, this seems to be a frothy confection of all singing, all dancing, (all endlessly squealing) plastic robots. Every movement is phony and exaggerated, every speech is as if they’re reading it from a teleprompter. Makes me wonder who MADE this mess, and why they bothered – and why Prime wanted to show it. Wouldn’t it have just been far better – and a lot cheaper – to rerun the original?

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