Yup, I should have mentioned this earlier, but my newest Holmes came out from Wildside Press Books a few weeks ago and will be at Malice Domestic – look for it there. I love writing Hokmes for several reasons, one is that there’s no heavy-duty CSI stuff, simply a consulting detective and his best friend, doing what humans do, asking questions, talking to people, and making deductions by the human ability to see patterns even when they aren’t obvious. And Victorian London is a fascinating place in which to set stories – as are places like Bodmin, Bartlett, and more rural areas where things were both oddly similar to farming areas nowadays, as well as quite different in some ways. One day I really must have Holmes stay on a farm and investigate, as a farmer for almost 30 years now, half the fun of doing that would be the differences and similarities. Hmmm, excuse me while I make a note or two…

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