Pan-Fried yellow-Eyed Penguins by Amanda Clow-Hewer.

tradepaperback, published 1998 by HarperCollins.
I saw this when it came out years ago, speed-read my way through an item or two and bought it on the spot. And every 4-5 years I re-read it and chuckle happily. (This week was the fourth time.) I might not recommend it to those that are under thirty, they won’t remember a lot (if any) of the subject matter, and half my enjoyment in reading this comes from remembering the events pilloried, but for those in their forties and up it’s a gem of a book.
It’s based on a column written for TRUTH (a weekly newspaper) by the author, with a sprinkling of other articles written around the same time for The Sunday Star Times and the NZ Herald. They are both clever and funny, but often add in a pointed comment or two, and while now and again I didn’t always agree, I always enjoyed the writing. Copies are still around, and if you like a good laugh – with some excellent social commentary (and a lot of non-PC) buy one. My regret is that the author doesn’t seem to have written a sequel.

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