Low Midnight by Carrie Vaughn

paperback published Tor January 2015
I started reading this series when the first one came out and have bought every book since, including the short story collection in TPB. I am saddened to hear that the next may be the last in the line as I love Kitty and don’t much enjoy the other series the author has begun. A matter of personal taste I hasten to add.
So, in Low Midnight the book opens with Cormac about to be released from jail and listening to the warden uttering a list of platitudes, saying goodbye and wishing him well. This story is mostly Cormac and his spirit passenger, Amelia. They are on the trail of a diary that may contain sufficient information to allow Kitty, Ben, Cormac and Amelia to successfully defend themselves and even the world against the machinations of Roman the Vampire. All Cormac and Amelia have to do is decode the diary.
Not so simple. Because to persuade a relative of the person who wrote the diary to provide the key to that, they have to find out how a magician was mysteriously killed more than a hundred years ago, work around two groups involved in a number of illegal activities both of which know Cormac, cope with a skinwalker, and Cormac’s old love, and manage these things while Cormac cannot carry or use guns. I found this book a pleasant read, perhaps a little lighter in quality than usual because it is the set-up book for the final volume but still I enjoyed it and as I was reading it as the next in a series of which I have always enjoyed the characters, I didn’t mind. I have Kitty Saves The World on pre-order and look forward to that. The set will stay on my shelf to be re-read again and again over time, and you can’t say much better than that for a book series.

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