XIII edited Mark Teppo, published Resurrection House, February 2015.

theme anthology of stories and poems.
Reviewed by Steve Johnson.
This anthology wins on both counts. The appearance of the anthology is stunning. It’s stark, a mere three colours, but it makes you stop and look and that is exactly what cover art should do. And as for the work, I really liked stories by Tais Ten (With Musket and Ducat) Fiona Moore, (Selma Eats) Lyn McConchie (The Thirteenth Ewe) Liz Argall (Augustus Clementine ) Fran Wilde (A Moment of Gravity, Circumscribed) and A.C.Wise’s (Letters to a Body on the Cusp of Drowning.) For me, these tales stood out, but none of the work was anything but well-written and it’s pleasant to find an editor with the ability to choose well. You could do far worse than to buy this anthology, I could name a long list that haven’t been worth the money, this anthology is.

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