While reading the paper –

I saw that a recent discovery had been made, where some scientist discovered that there were strange emanations coming from a building in southern Sweden. The police arrived, charged in, and found that the occupant was merrily trying to split atoms in his kitchen – as a hobby, or so he informed them. He was certainly trying to split something since he had the radioactive elements of uranium, radium, and americium in his apartment. Unimpressed by his private hobby, the police have charged him with unauthorized possession of nuclear materials. Frankly, I’d have other questions – such as where on earth did he get all of the materials, (three different types?) Why did he want to split the atom again when it was originally done many years ago, and having spit one, what did he plan to do with the pieces? Because we all know what splitting it lead to the first time. It may be a good thing the police gathered him in before it happened again and somewhere down the track Sweden – vanished.

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