Science Fiction Trails 10. large softcover format, June 2013. Published by SF Trails and edited by David B. Riley.

Reviewed by Steve Johnson.

Lyn passed this along to me once she’d read it, I read it overnight, and yup, a review and an easy one because I like what this editor does. He seems to have almost cornered the market on that difficult crossover, western and SF. Some of the stories are a little weaker than others, but they’re all very readable. I particularly enjoyed C.J.Killmer’s The Strongbox, (I could see where it was going but it was a great ride.) Vivian Caethe’s The Kid. (Very good twist on an old story.) and J.A. Campbell’s, Brown vs The Martians.(clever and amusing and I really liked the dogs.) Dave Riley must be doing something right because as he says himself, the first in the series sold very well and continued to sell, and has only recently been overtaken by sales of issues 6 and 8. And in the past seven years he has developed a stable of some solid writers who do this genre crossover well. To which I can add, that he’s also producing the series with some very good covers. I loved issue I’s cover, clip art or not, and really liked the front and back cover art on this one. A good job by all concerned.

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