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Tiger Daze

Cover of Tiger DazeIn 1989 Lyn McConchie purchased a small farm and settled down to farm and write books. In both activities her cats have joyfully assisted her—not always when wanted.

This is the story of Tiger and his feline friends—a tale of roistering cats and their frequently bemused human.

Numerous other animals from Lyn’s Farside Farm make an appearance—the chickens, the geese, the sheep, the cattle—all familiar to readers of Lyn’s earlier volumes in the series, Farming Daze and Daze on the Land.

Excerpt from the book:

… the phones went odd. I rang faults. I said I wanted a phone repairer. I got one—a very pleasant chap who’d been here last year when I also briefly had phone troubles.

In order to ascertain the problem, the engineer had to crawl along all the wiring, checking joins, jacks, and plugs, plugging and unplugging, ringing the phone internally on his gear each time. Tiger couldn’t believe his eyes. It was great having a visitor, but one who got down and crawled, apparently hunting prey with Tiger, wasn’t quite the usual visitor.

Tiger crept along beside him, eyes alert for whatever prey this new friend was seeking. And every time the chap turned to speak to me he found himself nose to nose with Tiger asking if he’d seen it yet.

The engineer found the fault after an hour of crawling about, replaced that bit, checked it now worked, and rose to go again. Tiger was philosophical; a hunt was often like that. You stalked for ages and caught nothing, but it had been fun. Perhaps this nice man would come again and they might have better luck.

How to order copies

On the web
Purchase from, using credit card or Paypal. US$12 plus postage.

By mail
Purchasers in Australia and New Zealand can pay by cheque or money order. A$20 or NZ$25 per book (includes postage). Make A$ cheques payable to “Jean Weber” and send to Jean Weber, PO Box 640, Airlie Beach Q 4802. Make NZ$ cheques payable to “Avalook Publications” and send to Lyn McConchie, Farside Farm, RD 11, Norsewood, NZ 4971.