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Daze in the Country

Cover of Daze in the CountryIn 1989 Lyn purchased a small farm and settled down to farm and write books. The writing has been successful, with her 20th book due out soon, but her farming endeavours have been more amusing than profitable.

In this book you’ll read about the bantam that crossed the road, the steer that ate clay, the affair of the farmhouse drains, and the strange events surrounding the escape of Fatso the piglet.

Numerous other animals from Lyn’s Farside Farm make an appearance—the cats, the geese, the sheep, the cattle. Visit them also in Lyn’s earlier volumes in the series, Farming Daze, Daze on the Land, and Tiger Daze.

Excerpt from the book:

She put her head on one side and ignored me, starting to march across the road just as one of the huge 18-wheeler stock truck hove into sight… I stood waving desperately at the truck while yelling at the bantam. She, seeing me waving, looked to see why. Her eyes widened as she saw the size of the approaching predator. She squatted, hoping it would overlook her; and as it came closer, her eyes slowly shut in sheer terror.

The driver halted with the front of the truck almost over her. The bantam noticed that the predator seemed to have stopped and opened one eye. She looked up… and up… and up… (Those trucks are big!) It was there. Right there! In another second it would open its mouth to snap her up… In one frantic leap she fled… across the roadside, under the farm gate, through the sheep sheds and into the hen house, where she hid shivering in the darkest corner. She’s stayed well away from the road ever since.

How to order copies

On the web
Purchase from, using credit card or Paypal. US$12 plus postage.

By mail
Purchasers in Australia and New Zealand can pay by cheque or money order. A$18 or NZ$22 per book (includes postage). Make A$ cheques payable to “Jean Weber” and send to Jean Weber, PO Box 640, Airlie Beach Q 4802. Make NZ$ cheques payable to “Avalook Publications” and send to Lyn McConchie, Farside Farm, RD 11, Norsewood, NZ 4971.